I don't like conforming. I prefer to take the path less travelled to arrive at the same destination. Some of you are probably like me. However, there are times when we have to conform, to follow rules and adhere to standards. These rules and standards are there so we know what to expect from each other in situations.

    When anyone lowers society's standards or their own personal standards, they incur wrath from the rest of us and they crash. A couple of examples - a doctor performing unnecessary mastectomies, an anesthetist sexually assaulting women while they were under anesthetic, the TTC driver who was drunk, the TTC employee who was sleeping on the job, a federal minister who threw a temper tantrum because she didn't get special treatment and the troubles plaguing the Catholic church.  We expect people who are serving - whether in the public sector or in private enterprise - to perform their jobs in ways defined by their employers' or their profession's code of conduct. We depend on these people so we have to trust them.

    We also have people in our own lives who depend on us, who have to trust us. Let us all operate on the same level we expect from others. A quote from the Satori Collection of International Quotes seems appropriate here:  "Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you."