The Elephant In The Room

Talking about a sensitive topic that everyone is aware of is like breaking bad news - you don't know how to start.

One such topic is language fluency.  It is the elephant in the room because HR, the manager and the employee know it but don't know how to address it. No action has negative effect on productivity, relationships, team work, collaboration, morale, timelines. Skills, potential and experience are left untapped.

If, you, the manager can't do this, one of the proven ways is to have a liaison between you and the employee. This person could be from HR or maybe another employee who is respected, diplomatic and trusted. If you engage this liaison to act on your behalf, don't just acknowledge the problem. Offer a solution to address or correct it.

You, the employee, know what challenges lie ahead because of your accent or language. It is preventing you from getting a promotion, from participating in meetings and discussions and you may feel excluded. Don't wait on your manager to bring up the topic. Set up a meeting and be prepared to talk about this challenge. The manager could be waiting for you to bring this up and may offer training to correct it. Be prepared to show how their investment in you can be justified. You have more to lose than the employer so don't ignore what's holding you back. Be heard and be understood to capitalize on your experience and skills.

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