The Ice Storm 2014

If you were without power during the recent ice storm, who did you turn to for help? Are there people in your life who would cheerfully, willingly take you in and go out of their way to help you? How many people do you know and how many would do this for you? Do you know who you can count on? 

How altruistic are you? Would you willingly and cheerfully help others out without question, do what it takes to see if they are ok? 

The answers to these questions revolve around relationships - personal and community. We all tend to build personal relationships but neglect to build the community ones. As evidenced by the ice storm, the people we have in our lives are not necessarily in our neighborhoods and so many people were very much alone. How do we change this?

What would happen if it was a more devastating catastrophe? What do we do? How do we prepare? Where do we go?

Questions, questions! Where do we find information?

Some sites to start with:

As you gather resources, items for your emergency preparedness kit, don't forget to include your personal and community contacts.