The Coffee Couple

On our first morning mall-walking, my friend and I put our coats on the chairs around an empty table in the food court.  We didn’t know that this table would be used as the entire food court was empty.

When we came back for our coats, they were moved to the next table and an older couple was occupying our chairs and the table.  My friend wondered why they moved our coats instead of moving to another table.

Since then, I observed that the older couple would come to the mall around 7:30 every morning. They don’t come to walk like the rest of us. They go to the food court and sit at the same table in the same position every morning. In my rounds around the mall, I have never seen them moving around. They sit and have their coffee – every morning.


It’s evident that mobility is an issue as they walk slowly and laboriously to the food court.

If you are not observant, you can be judgmental. If you don’t know, you can be judgmental. If you don’t engage in conversations, you can be judgmental. When you talk, you learn. When you learn, you understand and when you understand you can no longer be judgmental.

Maybe they sat at that particular table because it was the first one they would reach in the food court.

Are they creatures of habit or necessity?

We all have reasons for everything we do and most times we know/feel that our actions are justified.