You are going the wrong way

I walk in the mall at 7am every day. Everyone walks like they drive –always on the right side. I sometimes do that. I sometimes also walk on the left side to deliberately jolt myself out of habit. We get into a rut when we always do things automatically.   

One morning as I was walking on the left side, a fellow mall walker brusquely informed me I was on the wrong side.  


Always evaluate your behavior, reaction, action to discover why it affects you this way.

There will always be someone to tell you when you are not conforming.

How you respond or react will teach you a lot about yourself – how grounded, aggressive, confrontational, passive you are. Did you react out of habit or was it a conscious act?

The action or non-action you take will show how strong your personal beliefs and convictions are.

Your actions will always have an impact on someone – even a stranger.

Your action or non-action can influence