ABC For The Workplace

by Gloria Pierre

ABC For The Workplace has answers to questions that employees may not want to ask their bosses or even know they have. They may need information that may seem trivial to ask about. The book was written to encourage employees of all ages to 

  • Take ownership of their careers, to be strategic in their relationship-building and image-building by providing tips and techniques to do so.
  • Contribute to a harmonious workplace by understanding and respecting themselves and their coworkers, knowing and practicing the spoken and unspoken rules and etiquette and knowing about diversity, personality types and generational differences.
  • Feel confident in handling all the situations inherent in the workplace by improving soft skills like communication, listening, networking, resolving difficult situations. 

The book prepares high school and university students to enter the workforce with realistic expectations. 


You will adapt more easily, become more visible and manage the impression you make. You will be proactive in your performance appraisals and career and be  better prepared to work with colleagues from different cultures, age groups and personalities. 


ABC's For Speakers & Presenters: Speaking and Presenting Simplified

by Gloria Pierre

If you craft your messages memorably and deliver them powerfully, your presentation will have an impact on your audience. Influence the impression and the result you want every time you step out in front of an audience with ABC For Speakers & Presenters. This is a comprehensive guide with 26 chapters, A to Z, packed with valuable tips and techniques to use from the request to speak to standing on stage to deliver. You get guidelines and checklists, questionnaire for the organizer and more. 


You will learn presentation skills and know how to present yourself with confidence when you speak to one or many people or host a meeting.   


ABC's Of Networking 

by Gloria Pierre

Ninety-four percent of people find their jobs through networking so the more people you know, the more people you can connect with. Master your networking skills with ABC’s of Networking with it 26 chapters, from A to Z, filled with practical tips, quotes, and historical information. Learn the value of smile and eye contact, handshake and business card etiquette and how to make a strong impression every time. An element of play and fun is woven into the book and it is designed to make networking in North America easy!


You will learn to network strategically and confidently and create a better impression.  Networking skills are similar to interview skills – small talk, introduce yourself, conversing, listening, asking questions. You will become comfortable with both and perform better. 

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