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At Clearly Speaking, our holistic approach to communication guarantees a major shift in awareness and attitude towards yourself, people and situations.

Networking is a crucial skill for immigrants to develop. In this interview with Gloria Pierre, founder and president of Clearly Speaking, she explains how to make memorable impressions and how to follow up on networking encounters effectively.

 Services Offered

Workshops on all soft-skills topics

We had the pleasure of hearing Gloria speak on active listening this past June as part of our annual program series. An evening of paying close attention to what we actually say and what the receiver is actually hearing. It was an absolute interesting and fun night! She had all ears, brought on laughter, and reminded all participants on what you wish their audience to do with the information that is received. I look forward to inviting Gloria back as part of our annual program series in the future
— Erika Giesl, QAA President, Toronto Charter Branch Association of Administrative Professionals (formerly Association of Administrative Assistants) 2009

Lunch & Learn Clearly Speaking adapts its training to the needs of companies and others organizations. Our onsite service offers soft skills training needs assessment, defining objectives, designing and facilitating a program that addresses the gap.

Gloria has transformed the manner in which McDougall Scientific employees communicate with each other and clients. We are more efficient, influential, and, to be perfectly honest, happier working with each other and our customers. We have regularly scheduled lunch-n-learns with Gloria to improve our listening, meeting, and teleconferencing skills, to name a few. Tremendous value in a very short period of time. Thank you Gloria!
— John Amrhein, Vice President, McDougall Scientific

Coaching is offered in communication,  accent reduction, job and MBA interviews and IELTS.  A free 15-minute assessment and conversation identify the challenges to be addressed. 

The one on one coaching has improved my self-awareness every time I talk. Organizing your thoughts is very important to reduce slurring, the filler words and most of all your inability to convey concisely. I learned how to hear my voice from the inside and improve my breathing as a result of those exercise. Overtime I know my shyness would vanish and present in any group or meetings with confidence at all times

Communication Consulting identifies the breakdown in communication in parts or in the whole organization and in relationships, analyzes the cause(s) and makes recommendations for training or additional resources.    

Specialized coaching is for those who are under-performing, lacking soft skills necessary for promotion or new position or have special learning needs' 



We have a relatively new employee who is not functioning at a very high level. She gets things confused, has trouble answering direct questions and over works tasks. She wants so much to be seen as an effective employee that she seems frantic most of the time.  Her communication is not good enough to do a full data managers job and interact with clients.

I thought of you. I think that communication is at the heart of her issues and lack of competence/confidence. There are also cultural differences – she is a huge over-helper to the point of the attention receiver’s frustration.




I do see improvement in her work product.  She is performing reasonably well.  She is showing good work ethic and becoming a valuable member to the team.  Any mistakes that she makes now are considered normal in my opinion, as the rest of us also make these little mistakes once in a while too, and her mistakes are getting less frequent.  Her communication has also improved and I am confident now that the communication will continue to improve the longer she works here.

Thanks so much for the work that you have been doing with her up to now.  I do see improvement and I think that that your sessions have helped her a lot. 

Thanks so much for the work that you have been doing with her up to now.  I do see improvement and I think that that your sessions have helped her a lot.