We offer soft skills training for employees, students, parents, newcomers and entrepreneurs and employees through workshops, coaching and webinars. 



Soft Skills For Career Management

Training with Clearly Speaking gives employees techniques to

  • Handle difficult situations
  • Work efficiently 
  • Articulate their ideas and reply to questions clearly and confidently
  • Improve their relationships with bosses and co-workers
  • Understand and work with different personality types, generations and diverse workforce
  • Listen better
  • Intentionally manage the impression they are making
  • Collaborate maturely in joint ventures like teamwork, presentations
  • Navigating the workplace
  • Be strategic with their careers
  • Network with internal and external clients

ABC For The Workplace is the handbook used this series.

It is my great pleasure to recommend and endorse you as an effective teacher and expert in the area of communication. You are incredibly charismatic and your message is impactful. I thank you sincerely for facilitating the “Managing Impressions” “Self-Talk” and “Say What You Mean” workshops for the participants of the Move On Up Program; a pre-employment program for adults in Scarborough. You taught us a baseline from which to improve our communication skills and potential by teaching useful techniques for intentional, successful and meaningful dialogue. I look forward to working with you on upcoming projects in the near future.
— Dominika Siemiatkowska, Coordinator, Community Health Programs, Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities (SCHC)
The active listening segment was quite an eye opener. In my workday world, I face communication challenges all the time, I should say miscommunication challenges because of not clearly understanding what others are asking me or not making myself clearly understood by others. It has been my experience that we do not listen very well and the consequences of this are usually lost time and effort. In our competitive fast paced work environment, we do not have the luxury of wasting either time or effort.


Soft Skills For Entrepreneurs

 Training from Clearly Speaking gives entrepreneurs tools to

  • Shorten the ‘needs assessment’ phase by listening more effectively and asking better questions 
  • Create catchy answers to “What do you do?“
  • Build trust faster
  • Develop stronger relationship with clients
  • Network effectively to build stronger relationships with potential leads
  • Ask for the business
  • Talk with confidence with your clients and suppliers

ABC's Of Networking and ABC For Speakers & Presenters complement the training.


Communication For Foreign-Trained Professionals

Statistics Canada shows the top 2 challenges immigrants face after being in the country for 4 years are finding adequate jobs and learning a new language.  Ironically, finding adequate jobs depends on language fluency.  

Training from Clearly Speaking addresses accent, grammar, communication, pronunciation, culture and other soft skills to give foreign-trained professionals the competitive advantage in finding jobs or in the workplace.

Training is offered in coaching or workshop format. 

An English Guide To Pronunciation (+mp3) and ABC's Of Networking complement this training.

I am so grateful for having you as the trainer of Communication and Integration series training for M-Bridge. Your training is well-structured for the 4 sessions. The round-table setting instead of classroom setting provides participants a friendly and easy-interactive space to engage and to learn, which brings extraordinary value to our participants. Those topics hit right point of what is missing for professional immigrant’s integration in Canada.
Thank you Gloria for your love and generosity. I look forward to more collaboration with you in future.
— Sophie Duan, Chair & Executive Director


Other workshops offered

Networking - Connect Your Way To Success
How To Ace An Interview
Public Speaking Simplified
Communication Workshops For Parents, students and entrepreneurs



We offer a variety of individual and group programs that will deepen your understanding of the process of communication, and reveal habits that are preventing you from understanding and being understood. The sessions address listening, situational thinking, developing a questioning mentality, asking thoughtful questions and more. 

The skills learned will empower you to speak confidently in any environment, boldly participate in discussions, start conversations with ease and embrace situations that call for interaction with others instead of avoiding them. As well, you'll become linguistically conscious and vocally aware of how you are perceived and if you are getting the results you want.

Enhanced communication leads to increased confidence and results in better performance and productivity. 

Coaching is offered for entrepreneurs, employees, presenters, speakers, job seekers, supervisors and managers.