Gloria Pierre started her company, Clearly Speaking, in 2000 after a workplace incident revealed she was inept at handling situations assertively. Through research and interviews, she discovered communication is the one skill everyone uses regardless of their status, education or experience and that your success hinges on how well you are able to communicate. 

As a result, she developed 12 effective, interactive programs to empower clients to command attention and respect by expressing themselves more clearly, more confidently and more concisely. 

Gloria has been training and coaching speakers, presenters, executives, entrepreneurs and native and non-native English speakers to communicate their ideas effectively and respectfully. She has coached people who presented at the White House in Washington, spoke at Air Canada Centre and presented at the UN. 

She has spoken at conferences in the Canada, US, The West Indies and South America and at events in Canada.

She has appeared on Breakfast Television, Global TV, Omni TV and New Canadians TV and was profiled in Metro newspaper, radio, The Star Business Club and quoted in Cosmopolitan Magazine. 

Gloria is doing what she is passionate about and intends to change your awareness of communication as a personal marketing tool. 

Gloria Pierre is founder and president of Clearly Speaking. Since 2000, she has been training and coaching speakers, presenters, sales executives, consultants, students, entrepreneurs and staff at all levels in organizations to communicate their ideas effectively and confidently.

Gloria is the author of (K)New Words, ABC’s of Networking, An English Guide to Pronunciation, Mispronounced & Misunderstood and ABC for Speakers & Presenters and ABC For The Workplace

 She has presented at conferences in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and South America. Clearly Speaking and Gloria have been profiled on TV, radio and in print media including the Metro, Cosmopolitan, Breakfast Television, and the Immigrant Post.