Communication Bootcamp For Foreign-Trained Professionals

 (Bootcamp & Round Table Session)

If you

- Want to improve pronunciation, reduce your accent and increase your vocabulary?

- Want to be a skilled communicator by sharpening your soft skills?

- Want to command attention and respect every time you speak? 

- Want to be recognized, respected and promoted in your job or business?

Then you will want to attend this 1- day communication bootcamp and the follow-up Round Table session.

Topics covered in the 1-day bootcamp: Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Public Speaking Skills (asking better questions, listening and speaking concisely). 

Three weeks later, practice your enhanced communication skills in discussions during the Round Table session and receive immediate feedback.  

Class size is limited to 6 to ensure maximum participation and benefit.

Bootcamp - Date: July 29th 2017                               Time: 9 am - 5 pm.             Location: North York 

Round Table session - Date: August 19th 2017.           Time: 10 am - 1 pm.           Location: North York

Cost: $300 + HST (includes 1-day Bootcamp and 3-hour round Table session, workbook and applicable handouts) 

If you are a Clearly Speaking client, consider this a refresher course. If you are not, this is your introduction to effective communication training. If this is not for you, please share this flyer with your contacts.

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Ace The Interview

Training from Clearly Speaking changes your mindset about interviews which allows you to be in control of yourself instead of giving control to the interviewer.

You learn and practice networking skills, communication skill and impression management. Please contact us at for personal coaching or workshops.



Public Speaking Simplified (On schedule)

- Deliver your ideas more clearly and powerfully

- Improve your relationships with children, spouse, family members, co-workers, teenagers

- Keep it simple when proposing or explaining

- Be brief and don’t go off on a tangent

- Sway others to consider other options

- Be taken seriously on the job, in meetings, relationships

- Be considered for promotion, projects

Clearly Speaking is offering a 4-week workshop which removes the misconceptions associated with public speaking.

Speaking up, speaking out, speaking in small or large groups or even in one-to-one conversations is easy to do if you know how to do it.  Learn techniques to respond in a timely and effective manner, approach difficult conversations confidently, get to the point quickly, say what you mean and mean what you say. You will be able to assess your communication habits and self-correct when needed.


 "I took the " Public Speaking Simplified" course with Gloria to  become a more confident and effective communicator. This course has raised my awareness of the fillers I use subconsciously when I speak. Gloria has given me a structured approach to follow to be a more confident and effective speaker. I have no hesitation to recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their confidence and develop a roadmap to effective public speaking." Vadsie Virtue-Dyer

"What I have taken away from Public Speaking Simplified is that speaking publicly is not that hard. With the tools, skills, and knowledge she provided in a fun and relaxed environment, I was able to prepare, practice and deliver speeches with ease. Gloria continually challenged me in a patient and caring way. Gloria is true professional with her attitude, passion, and vast knowledge with public speaking. I would certainly recommend Gloria’s courses to anyone who wants to learn public speaking."  Paul Lombardi 

Dates: March 23rd, March 30th, April 6th and April 13th 2017

Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

Cost: $80 + HST

Location: Close to Don Mills Subway station

Email: to register

Small class of 6 attendees guarantees opportunity to participate.



Communication For Foreign-Trained Professionals

If you don’t want to: 
- Always repeat what you said so others can understand you
- Feel excluded, overlooked or ignored
- Use wrong grammar, mispronounce words and be conscious of your accent  
- Work in jobs you are over-qualified for
- Be passive about your life or career
Then consider this 3-Saturday program, Communication For Foreign-Trained Professionals

Some of the benefits you can expect: 
- Ability to always express your ideas confidently and fluently 
- More opportunities to interact with internal and external clients
- Promotions and projects
- Higher salary, better lifestyle
- More career-conscious and in control of your career
- More inclusiveness, more respect, stronger relationships
- Employment in your area of expertise, qualification and experience
- Ability to listen better
- Expansive vocabulary
- Noticeable improvement after 1st day

Here's what others are saying about this service from Clearly Speaking:

"As an Asian, I am aware that I pronounce some words differently and I find it embarrassing whenever others cannot understand what I am saying. Now, I am already aware that the pronunciation of “ea” and “ee” is the same.  I already know how to pronounce the “o” and I already gave emphasis on “ed” (past tense). And most importantly, the sessions with Gloria helped me in rebuilding my self-confidence to speak with people of different cultures."   Len Salvador

"As an immigrant, I wanted to improve my accent and learn new techniques when approaching people and asking questions. Thanks to Gloria, I gained more confidence and I learned a few interesting techniques. Now, I’m making a better impression at work and in private and still being myself."    RR

"Gloria Pierre maintains a careful balance between the psychological aspect of being a better communicator and the physical exercises for being a better speaker. She teaches the rules of English pronunciation and grammar and incorporate exceptions to give us context. There is a before and after performance test that will help you track your progress. And, last but not least, the learning does not end with the workshop, she actually follows up and that shows how much she cares about her clients.”          Ashraful Hasan

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Your Personal Trademark

Your Negative Self-Talk: Self -talk is the inner dialogue we all have with ourselves and studies show that 77% of it is negative. You may be talking yourself out of opportunities or depending on others to make you feel good about yourself. Stop allowing others to think for you. Learn how to transform your negative self-talk and take control of your thoughts.

Words That Derail You: In this workshop, you will discover what weakens your language, how to sound mature and the implication of the words you use. You will become aware of verbal pitfalls and learn how to regain your personal power by adding energy, conviction and confidence to your conversations.

Verbal Self-Defence: Are you ever in situations when others are making you feel small and you are allowing it? In this workshop, you'll understand why you're allowing it and why the bully does it. You'll learn how to diffuse the situation with witty remarks instead of taking it personally.  Give yourself the verbal advantage and respond assertively and decisively.

Your Image At Work: You will learn about responsible career management and how you, not your boss, are responsible for your career. This session addresses ways in which you could be sabotaging yourself in the workplace and how to project a professional image.

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Entrepreneurs, Connect Your Way To Success

The more contacts you make, the more opportunities you create. If you are not networking, you are losing out on ideas for new services or products, connections, business discussions and helping others who will reciprocate. If you are networking only to get new clients, you are also losing out.

Learn what networking is and how to do it memorably in this 3-hour workshop. The image you are projecting is either attracting clients and opportunities or keeping them away from you.

The topics covered are: 
Go Or Not: Not every networking event offered will be a good fit for you. Decide whether you should go or not. When you know your reason for going, you’ll be better prepared to connect, to learn and to share.

Joining And Leaving A Group: The skill, ease and sensitivity with which you blend into and exit a group will give create a powerful impression on the group and encourage you to network more.

Small Talk: This is superficial talk that paves the way for meaningful conversations. Master this and you’ll be perceived as interesting, confident and knowledgeable.

Exchanging Business Cards And Handshakes: Impress those you meet by mastering these basic networking skills instead of stammering, being awkward and showing you are not accustomed to doing this. Your business depends on networking so do it with flair.

Managing Nervousness: People like to associate with others who are friendly, unafraid and self-assured. Knowing what triggers your nervousness and how to deal with it will make you less stressed.

Introducing Yourself: Introductions are about you so get accustomed to talking about you, your service and your products in a factual way. Learn how to create memorable introductions.

These topics are covered in the book, ABC’s Of Networking by Gloria Pierre.

Strengthen your interpersonal skills, expand your network base, increase your sales and attain personal and professional success through your contacts


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Express Yourself

What it is:  Conversation circle where you practice communicating with impact, clarity and confidence in a small group

What is addressed: Pronunciation, listening, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, vocal challenges

Benefits: Improve your social and communication skills, build your network with people from other cultures and professions, engage in more conversations, participate in more discussions, network/interview with poise and confidence and align your communication skills with your career goals.



Public Speaking Simplified For Entrepreneurs

Sir Richard Branson was on the verge of throwing up before he did his first speech. He was so nervous that his mind went blank and he mumbled a bit before leaving the podium.  Years later when he was planning to be the face of his company, public speaking training became his priority. Since then, he has created multinational companies in many industries.

His communication and public speaking skills were instrumental in creating bonds and trust and respect for him and his plans to expand when he was starting and now support and prestige and wealth.  

Where are you in your plans and dreams? What’s holding you back?

If you are like Sir Richard Branson and know that every activity requires you to speak and present yet you fear it or don’t know how to do it well, Clearly Speaking is offering Public Speaking Simplified, an interactive workshop for entrepreneurs.

You will learn how to:

- Use stories to sell your ideas and promote your products and services

- Listen more and talk less so you can learn what your clients want, get ideas for future products or services 

- Communicate more confidently, more clearly and more concisely

- Stop rambling or going off on a conversational tangent

- Enhance your interpersonal skills

- Be less nervous, more prepared for meetings, presentations

- Deliver your ideas more clearly and powerfully

- Address conflicts more effectively               

- Deal with aggressive people more calmly

- Develop rapport quickly

- Ask better questions to get the needed information quicker

- Build more solid business relationships

- Network strategically and skillfully

- Attract more people and more opportunities

All this and more will be covered.

Email: for more information 


Round Table Sessions For The Workplace

More people engage in technical training which they use 10% of the time than in non-technical training which they use 90% of the time. Non-technical training or soft skills training is essential for everyone to function effectively in their work -self-employed or employed.

Clearly Speaking is offering soft skills training in the Round Table format. The sessions are affordable, value-packed and designed to alter your perspective of communication and other soft skills. Attend and learn how to deal with situations better, gain insights, discuss and receive feedback - all in an empowering environment.  

Listen Better:  Effective listening can make you more efficient, more productive and more welcome. Listening is a required skill in sales, consulting, engineering, interviews, reception, call centers, customer service and personal relationships.  Attend and learn how to build stronger relationships faster.    

Make-Over For Your Negative Self-Talk: Negative self-talk is the result of years of people telling you what you can or cannot do or say or behave. Are you aware you could be talking yourself out of opportunities or depending on others to make you feel good about yourself? Your self-image is reflected in everything you say and do. attend this workshop and start taking control of your life.

Do You Like Your Voice? -   "I found out for the first time why I was continually being asked to repeat myself. I was given a solution to this problem and I saw the result right away." Learn how to speak so you are easily heard, easily understood and confident enough to be credible. 

Say What You Mean -  Get to the point quicker, avoid misunderstanding and be credible, concise and confident when you have something to say.

Introduce Yourself - Would your introduction make others want to know more about you? Learn how to customize your introduction so what you do is applicable to each person you meet. 

Words That Derail You -  You lose credibility when you use words out of habit or use words, phrases or slangs that others are using. Create your own identity and retain your personal power. 

Verbal Self-Defence - Have you ever been treated in a way that made you feel small or embarrassed and didn’t know how to handle the situation? Learn how and demand respect. 

How To Ask Better Questions - Learn how to ask straight-forward questions to get the results you want faster, when to use open/close questions and why you should still ask the ‘dumb’ questions.

Body Language -  Culture, habit, society and the company you keep influence how you act, interact, dress and speak. If you are not aware of this, you may be sending the wrong messages.

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