"Everyone knows how to talk but not everyone knows how to communicate."

We offer communication training for employees, students, parents, newcomers and entrepreneurs through workshops, coaching and webinars. 


Soft Skills For Career Management

The workplace is an environment made up of different personalities, diverse cultures, different age groups, education, experiences, workplace cultures, policies and procedures and international work ethics. Being able to navigate it respectfully and strategically ensures you won't be sabotaging your career, image and reputation.

A series of interactive workshops give employees techniques to

- Handle difficult situations

- Work efficiently 

- Articulate their ideas and reply to questions clearly and confidently

- Improve their relationships with bosses and co-workers

- Understand and work with different personality types, generations and diverse workforce

- Intentionally manage the impression they are making

- Collaborate maturely in joint ventures like teamwork, presentations

- Navigating the workplace

- Be strategic with their careers

- Network with internal and external clients

ABC For The Workplace is the handbook used this series.


Soft Skills For Entrepreneurs

"If there is any one secret to success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as your own."  Henry Ford

"Man without smiling face should not open shop." Chinese Proverb

 Training from Clearly Speaking gives entrepreneurs tools to

- Build trust faster

- Develop stronger relationship with clients

- Network effectively

- Deliver efficient customer service

- Communicate knowledgeably with clients and suppliers

ABC's Of Networking and ABC For Speakers & Presenters complement the training.


Communication For Foreign-Trained Professionals

Statistics Canada shows the top 2 challenges immigrants face after being in the country for 4 years are finding adequate jobs and learning a new language.  Ironically, finding adequate jobs depends on language fluency.  

If this is one of your challenges and it is seriously affecting your professional growth or finding a job, don't ignore it or be embarrassed about it. See some stats in this article:

Don't allow your accent, grammar, communication or pronunciation to prevent you from getting that promotion, raise, new job or passing the interview. Take control and take action. Contact us at info@clearlyspeaking.ca. Training is offered in coaching or workshop format. An English Guide To Pronunciation (+mp3) and ABC's Of Networking complement this training.


Other workshops offered:


How To Ace An Interview

Public Speaking Simplified

Communication Workshops For Parents



We offer a variety of individual and group programs that will deepen your understanding of the process of communication, and reveal habits that are preventing you from understanding and being understood. The sessions address listening, situational thinking, developing a questioning mentality, asking thoughtful questions and more. 

The skills learned will empower you to speak confidently in any environment, boldly participate in discussions, start conversations with ease and embrace situations that call for interaction with others instead of avoiding them. As well, you'll become linguistically conscious and vocally aware of how you are perceived and if you are getting the results you want.

Enhanced communication leads to increased confidence and results in better performance and productivity. Coaching is offered for entrepreneurs, employees, presenters, speakers, job seekers, supervisors and managers. 

Email info@clearlyspeaking.ca for more information on any of the training above.

Clearly Speaking adapts its training to the needs of companies and others organizations. If you are interested in an in-house program that addresses communication breakdowns and their impact on your organization or team, contact info@clearlyspeaking.ca.